Portable Coleman Road Trip Grill LXE ( Review ): The Best BBQ Grill To Go! Ideal For Camping And Tailgate Grilling

Coleman Portable Road Trip Grill LXEWhy Is The Portable Coleman Road Trip BBQ Grill So Convenient?

  1. This compact Coleman unit makes grilling a pleasure and will follow you anywhere you want to BBQ
  2. With its little price tag, it still provides all the best features of other grills in this line
  3. Very little assembly required

For a couple of reasons this unit is one of the best options on the portable grill market today…

…You will be amazed just with how much grilling space the Coleman Road Trip LXE comes with

To give you an idea…Coleman Road Trip LXE Grill

…the grill itself measures 24″ wide and 12″ deep

When fully assembled with side tables it measures 46x 18x 35 inches…

…more than enough space to cook for a family of 5-6 members, without having to eat in shifts

Features Of The Coleman LXE BBQ Grill

  • Cast-iron grill
  • Steel construction
  • 20,000 BTUs of grilling power
  • Collapsible stand with wheels and handle
  • Dual sliding side tables
  • Independently adjustable burners
  • Removable metal drip pan

Grilling on the beach


The Coleman Road Trip LXE Fun Factor

  1. A quick and easy set up of the Coleman Road trip LXE
  2. The two independently adjustable burners allow you to control 2 temperature zones separately

…While grilling onions on one side you can simultaneously prepare a healthy grilled salmon on the other…

…Grilling a  whole beef tenderloin is made easy with this grilling on the go unit

Coleman LXE Quick Set Up

Warranty: What Dose Coleman Guarantee … The Coleman Road Trip LXE Comes With A Five-Year Warranty…

5 Year Warranty


Coleman provides a five-year limited warranty against workmanship or manufacturing defects of this grilling on the go unit. A valid sales receipt is required to claim the five-year warranty benefits. 



I received this product yesterday. All I can say is that this may be the best constructed gas grill at this price point I have ever purchased. Only thing required for assembly is the 2 wheels and the handle, took less than 2 minutes to assemble. The grille came well boxed, without any damage. I assembled the grille and put a mini propane tank on the supplied adapter and push the igniter button. First attempt it fired up without any issues. I let the grille get up to 550 degrees to burn off any oil residue from manufacturing. After 30 minutes I applied canola oil to the cast iron grates and the inside of the lid so it could be seasoned. I let it burn off for about another 30 minutes. Once finished I let it cool down and wiped all the over spray off. I have not cooked food on it yet, but people I know who recommended this to me have and they love it.  T.H

Very easy to assemble, just attached the wheels and open the unit. It’s a little heavier than I thought it would be, but it also has much more grill space. Cast iron plates make for easy clean up and the parts seem to be well made. Folds down for easy storage and the wheels help you move it around. As others mentioned, the lid handles stop the unit from standing vertically, so you have to store it at an angle.

It uses the standard camping canisters which are available anywhere for cheap. Much easier than dragging around a full size propane tank. Cooks quickly and evenly. As others mentioned, this thing cooks hot even at low temp setting. Set up and clean up are quick. The pull out tables are perfectly sized and placed. For the money, this compares favourably to more expensive Weber models.  G.N



  • No transportation problems as this on the go grill fits practically in every trunkPropane Grill LXE Road Trip
  • No heavy lifting or complicated assembly
  • No electrical source required, ignite the grill and start grilling your favorite steak
  • No big cleaning action after your tailgating party

My study of this particular propane grill includes reports and reviews of other users as the overall market ratings of the Coleman road trip LXE.

Customer Reviews Average customer review coleman road trip LEX

All in all i must say that i am very convinced of the coleman LXE after a thorough research….

Amazon review and rating

Amazon customer review

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  1. Question: Where do I buy the Coleman Road Trip LXE  for the best price?
  2. Answer: Purchase the Coleman Road Trip LXE HERE.


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